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Shipping, Returns and Refunds


All of the items offered on are shipped exclusively to the United States of America. Unless otherwise specified, the shipping costs of orders below 25$ are only 0.99$, and for orders of 25$ and higher, shipping is free. The exact shipping times vary slightly between products and are given on the individual product's pages.

When purchasing more than one item, it is very likely that those will be shipped individually, so don't be alarmed when one product arrives without the other(s).

Returns and Refunds

Refunds are granted for items that have arrived later than the declared shipping time or were already broken when they arrived. If multiple products are ordered and delivered separately, only those products that are late or broken are going to be refunded. 

We will promptly refund you if a picture is provided of the damage, or if it can be confirmed that the product arrived late (by contacting the delivery service, which we will do immediately after you have contacted us) within 5 days after the proposed shipping time.
E.g., If the proposed shipping time is 2 - 4 weeks, the refund needs to be asked for within 33 days (= 4 weeks + 5 days) after the purchase was made.

Although, at any time, all complaints and feedback about the product's quality or shipment are welcome since your happiness is our highest priority!

There is no need for the item to be returned after the refund is granted. So, please don't send the product back to the address on the package.

To ask for a refund, file a complaint or leave a remark, please use our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!