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About Us


Thanks for being interested in Boiling Kitchen and wanting to know what we are all about! I am Marcel, the founder of Boiling Kitchen and I would like to tell you why we are so passionate about improving your life in the kitchen and your enthusiasm for cooking.

As a student, I always wanted to be as productive as possible, and I tried to work on passion projects next to working and studying, which could be very exhausting at times. I often felt drained, burnt out and didn’t feel like I was getting done as much as I could and wanted to. Initially, my approach was to save as much time on things as I could and simply push myself harder, to the point that it was unhealthy and counterproductive due to its effects on my state of mind.

I didn’t understand how I could have such trouble focusing and working, while I was so young and generally fit… But I realized that I didn’t truly grasp the idea of investing in yourself.

I realized that my inability to properly cook and my perceived need to save time everywhere I could led me to order food all the time, or simply put a frozen pizza in the oven. 
This realization has led me to decide to invest in myself and learn to properly cook something healthy, tasty, and quick at a reasonable price.

It didn’t take long until I noticed my energy surge, my mood double in positivity, and my productivity reach the level I always wanted it to be.

Ever since, I have been paying more and more attention to other people’s eating habits and attitudes surrounding food. It became clear to me that I was just one among millions of people who never really learned to quickly and easily make themselves something healthy and tasty. Which seemed very unfortunate to me, considering the significantly shorter life that people with bad eating habits have. Too many people haven’t yet discovered the joy of creating something yourself that makes you feel energized, happy and ready for anything.

Seeing the change that cooking caused in my life, I wanted to help other people at improving theirs, one meal at a time.

Now we are running Boiling Kitchen to bring enthusiasm back in your kitchen and make you look forward to a healthy, home-cooked meal so that you can get the best out of your life! 
This mission is important to us, and we really care about your happiness, so if you ever feel like reaching out, don’t hesitate to contact us, and Marcel will get back to you right away.